The First Mile


Some times you conceive of far out ideas that aren’t really that far out after you think about them.  Not sure why it came up, but the idea of running the length of every street in Buffalo during the calendar year of 2016 popped into my head. I’m not the first to conceive of it nor will I be the last, but I’ve begun logging miles and crossing off streets.

How many miles of streets are there in Buffalo? I had no idea which is why the plan was to take all of 2016 to run the streets. My searching came across a total of 1,400 curb miles which frightened me because it is basically how much I ran last year. My nervousness subsided after I learned that a curb mile is measured as one side of a street, so you would split the curb mile total in half to get the real sum of miles. Only 700 miles? That seemed way more manageable than original total. Later I found a total of 675 miles listed on the city of Buffalo website. Ok, this is getting even “easier”, instead of doing it all in 2016 then why not do it all in training for the Buffalo Marathon in late May?

The photo is from the first run on January 1st. It’s looking south on Parkdale Ave near Bird Ave. The bright sun shining through the clouds and the oddly enormous branch crossing the whole street really stood out to me.

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