Marching in Like a Lion


Two months have passed since I’ve started running all the streets of Buffalo and it seems like ages ago. I’m pretty much at the halfway point, but it’s hard to tell because of overlap and runs in other places. As of March 1st, I’ve covered 377 miles this year with only about 18 miles being other places. Dead end streets provide a headache in the sense that you have to run ground that you’ve already covered, so there’s no really easy way to estimate how many miles I’ve actually run.

My blogging has been at an all time low, but my plan is to be more active for the second half of the city. The next three weeks, I plan on finishing South Buffalo, Lovejoy, University Heights and fill in all the neighborhoods from Schiller Park north to University Heights. Expect many more photos to come.

PHOTO: This house is located on Domedion Ave at Yonkers Ave. Doesn’t it look like it was just left abandoned? Like the people locked up to go to work and never came back? In the windows, there are signs from National Field Network which I’m not sure exactly what that is. According to, this house would sell for $44,000.

See this run on STRAVA here.

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