The Smiling House

One of my biggest fears is that people will think the attention I bring to houses and neighborhoods is an attempt to ridicule. I worry about it from readers and people who live in the neighborhoods that I run through. It couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s enough ridicule in the world that I don’t want to add to that. Plus it’s so easy to ridicule, but to actually say something positive is much more difficult.

Constantly throughout my runs, I’m asking myself how and why a neighborhood was built. Which is quickly followed by how it got this way. I’m a fairly slow runner, so I have plenty of time to ask myself these questions. This questioning scenario happens over and over and mile by mile in every run. My mind is so full of questions about the neighborhood development of Buffalo that a visit to the Buffalo History Museum is due very soon.

Look at this home in this photo. Obviously it’s neglected to the point that the middle of the porch is caving in. But if you look at it the right way then you might actually see it smiling or grinning. By seeing it in this light then you might see it in a way to be fixed up. Who knows what the actual conditions are, but it is a cute house especially since it overlooks Schiller Park’s baseball fields.  Believe it or not, this house was built in 1918, so it’s coming up on it’s 100th birthday very soon. Let’s hope it makes it.


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