Search Out the Magic


In my journey, I had hope to “discover” something magically unexpected. My imagination made it seem like it would be a quiet, serene place in the middle of the bustling city that allowed you to escape the city without anyone realizing. The Beth Jacob Cemetery at the end of Lansdale Place near where Doat Street meets Genesee Street would be the most magical place from all my runs.

It’s not so much the cemetery itself, but the entrance way. The metal sign with missing letters just adds this element of seclusion and anonymity like no one comes here very often. You felt more special because you were actually here just to the see the cemetery. It’s located at the street’s end which stands in contrast to everything else on the street. The homes are in rough shape, but they are all occupied. There’s a large warehouse building just to the left(not shown) which has very 3 large guard dogs that were not happy with my presence either time I was there. The only resident I encountered was during my first visit. They gave me the “What the hell are you doing here?” look which I was frequently given. It’s completely understandable since it was Sunday morning with snow and temps in the low teens.

The left side of the photo is from July 24th while the right side is from January 24th. It was an interesting coincidence that I revisited exactly 6 months later from the first time I was there. It didn’t seem like much had changed besides the snow melting and the addition of green leaves.

It’s interesting to think that the surrounding neighborhood shows so many signs of weather and neglect, but the Beth Jacob Cemetery seems like it’s ageless. Maybe the lack of people and attention is what keeps it looking ageless? I don’t know, but I will return again.

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