New Braces for the Smiling House

Back in the third week of February, I began outlining the city border similar to how you would complete a child’s coloring book. You outline it first then fill in with color, it’s just easier that way. Basically I applied a child’s technique to my Strava Heatmap to get a better understanding of what I was trying to accomplish. Blue Heatmap lines marking the borders would make planning all future routes easier and even provide some mental relief too. It seemed like a good idea, but unfortunately it was 36-39 miles long, so coloring in the borders would need multiple runs.

On my second run attempting to outline the northeast and east borders, I came across what I dubbed the “Smiling House” on Hemingway Street facing Schiller Park. The original picture is below. In my quest to cast positive light on a potentially negative situation, I decided to say the house was smiling instead of being considered in disrepair. Yes, the porch and roof needed some help, but it didn’t seem like it needed much. I wondered at the time what the future would hold for this house. Would it’s fate be an empty lot or would someone save it in time?

Today, I made it a point to stop by after a failed trail run attempt. There was a nervous and anxious feeling as I drove towards the house. It has some large trees blocking the view, so it wasn’t until I was basically on top of the house before I realize that someone had corrected the smile by bracing the roof and porch. There seemed like more work is being done on other parts of the home too. A sense of relief came over me along with a big smile. Congratulations Smiling House on your new lease on life and enjoy your new “braces”.

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